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Students participating in a tour and workshop of Jason Rogenes: SP4C3CRAFT

The museum is committed to providing area educators with additional resources for incorporating contemporary art into the classroom. Whether you are planning to bring a school group, a home school group, or simply have students visit our online gallery, we can provide you with additional learning materials to enhance the impact of contemporary art within your curriculum. School tours meet Colorado K-12 Model Content Standards.

SCHOOL TOURS & WORKSHOPS Let our museum educators help you organize a tour or workshop for your school group and enhance the impact of contemporary art within your curriculum.


CONTEMPORARY CLASSROOM Art Experience brings the world of a contemporary art museum to your students. Available to take place in your classroom or at the museum, and adaptable to all grade levels, choose between a hands-on art-making workshop or an interactive exercise in what it takes to put on an exhibition, including a lesson in museum economics. Students can try their hand at being a curator, educator, or director for a day.
Curriculum areas: Visual Arts, Social Studies, Economics, Technology.
School tours creating cardboard sculptures after Jason Rogenes Greeley High School students participate in a tour/workshop of Viviane Le Courtois: Edible?
July 6 – September 9
Visual Rhythm presents immersive experimental film, video, and digital art, featuring the Persian Series by Stan Brakhage. Click here to read more about the this exhibition.
Marius Lehene and Daniel Pitin
October 18 – Januray 27
Students will have the opportunity to observe Lehene working on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For more information on Marius Lehene, click here. Click here for more information on Daniel Pitin.

The Museum of Broken Relationships
February 14 – June 26
For more information on this museum, click here.


Students age 5-11
$4 for workshop
Free tour

Students age 12+
$8 for tour & workshop
$4 for tour only

$4 for tour only
Members  are always free

Availability: Through September 9, Monday–Friday, 8am–4pm


Shannon Crothers, Director of Education, for more information at or at 303.443.2122.



BMoCA offers docent-guided tours of exhibitions. Tours are free of charge with regular admission.

The museum also offers docent tours in multiple languages. Tours are currently available in Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Croatian. Schedule a tour in any language other than English, and your group’s museum admission and tour will be free.

Please email or call 303.443.2122 at least one week before your visit to schedule a tour.


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