Winter 2014

Anibal Catalan: The Land, The Space, The Square

Derrick Velasquez: A Language of Structure

Sammy Lee: Beat. Spread Out.

Kim Jongku: Steel Powder Painting and Landscape

Fall 2013

Craft Tech / Coded Media: women, art & technology

Julie Puma: The Immortal Jellyfish

Amber Cobb: The Dreamer’s Dilemma

Summer 2013

Cut & Paste

Metamorphose: Maggie Evans

Spring 2013

Museum of Broken Relationships

BMoCA at Macky | Patrick Kikut: Western Road Movie

BMoCA at Macky | Kerry Cannon: Alchemy

The Lawyer is Present: Vanessa Place

Fall 2012

Daniel Pitín: Cover Story

Marius Lehene: Random Walk With Drift

BMoCA at Macky | Beau Carey: River School

BMoCA at Macky | The Eye Awake: New Works by Ian Fisher & Matthew Harris

Summer 2012

Visual Rhythm

Spring 2012

Jason Rogenes: SP4C3CR4FT

Viviane Le Courtois: Edible?

BMoCA at Macky | Terry Campbell: No Longer In My Hands

Fall 2011

Adam Milner: Another Room

Amanda Marie Ploegsma: Purity & Creedence 

Zach Reini: Suburban Lawns

Thomas Scharfenberg: Obvious Invisible

Summer 2011

Biodome: An Experiment in Diversity – Seth Wulsin: Wishing Well

Bidome: An Experiment in Diversity – Gustavo Artigas: Relay (Endless)

Biodome: An Experiment in Diversity – Laleh Mehran & Chris Coleman: W3FI

Winter 2011

Henrique Oliveira

Jessica Moon Bernstein: Ourrubberos

Fall 2010

Biodome: An Experiment in Diversity

Summer 2010

Stephen Batura: Edits

Barbara Shark: Moments in Between

Donald Fodness & Alvin Gregorio: Shut Your Face Off!

Spring 2010

Upcycled: Spring / Summer 2010

Humor & Pathos / Gary Sweeney

Mi Frontera es su Frontera / Tony Ortega

Fall 2009

Ropes / Pattie Lee Becker

Relational Fabric in Space / Steve Steele

Face to Face / Beverly Mciver

Summer 2009

Fountain / Andrea Modica

The Surface and Beneath / Heather Wilcoxon

Urban Chicken Coop Projects / University of Colorado, Boulder

Spring 2009

Pure Pleasure

Winter 2009

New Work / Kris Cox

Fall 2008

The Science Club / Erika Wanenmacher

In and Out of Time / Selections from the CU Art Museum’s Video Collection

Spring / Summer 2008

About Us / Mark Addison, Curator

The Look of Nowhere / Scott Johnson

Jezebel / Carla Gannis

Winter 2008

Ideology of Paradise / Hiroshi Watanabe

Versus / Susan Lee-Chun A Taste of China / Wang Jing

In Transition / Yumi Roth

Fall 2007

Weather Report: Art and Climate Change

Spring / Summer 2007

David Zimmer

Lani Irwin

Alan Feltus

Mary Ehrin  

Winter 2007

My America / Christopher Morris

Passage to Sumer / Halim Al-Karim  

Fall 2006

Revival / Terry Maker

Symbiote Design / University of Colorado College of Architecture

Transit Gyphs / Jimi Billinsley   

Summer 2006

A Cut Above / James Surls

Hybrids / Ligia Bouton

Out of the Woods / Woodcut Prints From Shark’s Ink  

Spring 2006

Language Imagined / Emmi Whitehorse

New Work / Tracy Krumm

Mica Chamber / Rebecca DiDomenico  

Winter 2006

Hold / Martha Russo

Maps / John Matlack

Risky Places / Virginia Maitland  

Fall 2005

Fields / Tsehai Johnson

Sueno Con Despertarme / Ana Maria Hernando

Louche / Carson Fox  

Summer 2005

Full-On! / Shinique Smith

Have You Seen This Person? / Casey McGlynn

Biography: Aging and the Grammar of Death / Alfredo De La Rosa

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