Expert Talk: Derrick Velasquez

[ April 2, 6:30pm ] A candid conversation with artists.

The End is Near

[ April 5 9pm-11pm ] Boulder Arts Week Closing Party

Expert Talk: Anibal Catalan

[ April 10, 6:30pm ] Candid conversations with artists.

Denver Art Tour: Bruce Price

[ April 12, 1-4pm ] Receive insiders’ treatment with BMoCA at diverse art venues throughout Denver.

Día del Niño

[ April 26, 11am-1pm ] Celebrate Children’s Day at BMoCA!

BMoCA Does Santa Fe

[ May 16 - 18 ] Experience highlights of the art scene in Santa Fe with BMoCA!

FWB Does TANK Studios

[ June 7, 11am-1pm ] Get inside TANK Studios.

FWB Does DRAM Apothecary

[ August 17 4-7pm ] Visit the enchanting world of DRAM Apothecary with Shae Whitney.

Kim Jongku: Steel Powder Painting and Landscape

[ February 14, 5:30-8pm ] Join us for the opening reception of our upcoming BMoCA at Macky exhibtion Kim Jongku: Steel Powder Painting and Landscape

ARTology 2: Identity

[ February 20, 6-7:30pm ] A series of panel discussions about art created for Boulder’s art and entrepreneurial communities.

The Flood Project Dinner Benefit

[ February 24, 6:30pm ] A Fundraising Dinner Event for Flood Relief

Boulder 2140 Five Year Anniversary Party

[ February 26, 5:30-8pm ] Boulder 2140 is celebrating five years of networking success in Boulder!

White Space

[ February 28, 6:30-9pm ] A live art event and silent auction.

Shark’s Ink. at BMoCA

[ March 20, 6:30pm ] Expert Talks with Shark’s Ink.

Water, Paper, Rhythm: Korean Paper Felting Techniques

[ March 29, 2:30-4:30pm ] With artist Sammy Lee as your guide, explore felting and casting techniques with Hanji, a Korean Mulberry paper.

Your Brain on Art

[ April 1, 6:30pm ] Discussions on Creativity and the Mind

White Space

February 28


[ September 19 ] BMoCA’s 13th Annual Fundraiser

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