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Miwa Matrayek, Myth and Infrastructure, solo performance, 2010

MEDIALIVE brings together artists who explore forms of live audiovisual performance. This four-day festival presents a variety of approaches, discusses the technology and underlying theoretical, formal and conceptual considerations, and offers opportunities to explore live media tools first-hand.

The very notion of what it means for a work to be live, the interplay between modes of perception such as sight and sound, and the entanglement of human interaction with technology all come into focus as artists investigate the elasticity of form and content, bridging the analog and digital realms.

November 7-10

Visiting Artists

Brian Kane
David Last
Miwa Matreyek
Jon Satrom
Stephen Scott and the Bowed Piano Ensemble
Phillip Stearns
Tiffany Trenda
Tim Weaver
Holly Willis
Mario Zoots


Thursday, November 7
6pm reception
ATLAS Speaker Series Lecture: Miwa Matreyek
@ University of Colorado Boulder ATLAS Institute

Friday, November 8, 6pm-10pm
6pm Emerging Artists works on view / Reception
7pm Keynote: Holly Willis, Director, Media Arts + Practice Program at University of Southern California
8pm Performances: Miwa Matreyek, Jon Satrom, Tiffany Trenda & Tim Weaver
10pm Kick-off Party: offthesky + Mario Zoots @ Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place

Saturday, November 9, 7-10pm
7pm Emerging Artists works on view / Reception
8pm Performance: Stephen Scott and the Bowed Piano Ensemble, Phillip Stearns, & Brian Kane with David Last
@ University of Colorado Boulder ATLAS Institute

Sunday, November 10, 11am-5pm
11am BLOrkFast with the Boulder Laptop Orchestra – Continental breakfast provided
12-5pm WORKSHOP Build a Kinetic Audiovisual Instrument
Build a kinetic light instrument that responds to music using sensors, motors, LEDs and the Arduino microcontroller. Taught by SparkFun. No experience necessary. Please bring your headphones. All other materials provided.

Space is limited. RSVP to


Throughout the festival, enjoy the following works on view:
Phil Solomon’s Empire (2008) @ BMoCA
Works by emerging artists from Colorado and New Mexico (see map)

Join us 1 hour before each event for light fare, drinks and camaraderie

Special rates available to MediaLive attendees at The Historic Hotel Boulderado. Built in 1909, this landmark is located 6 blocks from the museum. Click here for information on rates and registration.


Ben Allen | Apple | Atlas Institute, University of Colorado Boulder | CommunikeyHotel BoulderadoObject+Thought | Schmitt Music | SparkFun Electronics

MediaLive 2013: Exploring Live Audiovisual Art




janet feder, andrew pask and darwin grosse (Denver, Los Angeles)
noisefold with frances marie uitti (Texas, Netherlands)
Ambient Media by Isaac Linder + CacheFlowe (Ambient Media)
Jon Cates (Chicago via Taipei)
Jeremy Bailey (Toronto)
untitled analogs (Denver)
SUE-C (San Francisco)
Fernando Velázquez (São Paulo)
Ambient Media by Iuengliss

Panel Discussion – Live Media: Real Time, Real Space?
MediaLive artists present their different perspectives and approaches, mixing narrative with abstraction, novel technology with nostalgic references, and generative processes with instrumental virtuosity. Each artist explores the interface as more than a means to control or manipulate the substance of the performance, acknowledging it as a potential site of meaning, sometimes rooted in tradition, sometimes in ironic self-reflection.

Building Custom Audiovisual Instruments:
Processing the Danger Shield
DIY gurus SparkFun Electronics lead a workshop on using the Danger Shield and an Arduino UNO to create a hands-on controller for media performance. Each participant receives a discount code for SparkFun merchandise and a take-home manual.

Media Manipulation with Max
Media manipulation with Max software workshop with Darwin Grosse, Chief Learning Officer at Cycling ’74. Learn how to use the hardware controller you built in the morning to tweak live video. 

Janet Feder | David Fodel | Paco Proano

Sue Cannon | Ben Allen | Apple | Boulder County Arts Alliance | Andrew Currie Fund | Communikey | Object+Thought | Schmitt Music | SparkFun Electronics

Lisa Haney | Loophole | Wind Over The Earth & Immersive Studios













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