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Winter Exhibitions 2014
February 6 – April 13, 2014

Anibal Catalan: The Land, The Space, The Square
Derrick Velasquez: A Language of Structure

Anibal Catalan: The Land, The Space, The Square is the first solo museum exhibition in the United States by Mexico City-based artist Anibal Catalan. The exhibition presents a series of site-specific installations, new paintings, video works, drawings and digital prints that will be displayed in the museum’s West and East galleries. Anibal Catalan was born in Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico 1973 and lives and works in Mexico City.

Derrick Velasquez is a multi-disciplinary artist who works in a variety of media. He is best known for his wall vinyl works that embrace a post-minimalist aesthetic. For his exhibition at BMoCA titled A Language of Structure, Velasquez focuses on a new investigation of forms and structures that probe a deeper inquiry into physical and psychological relationships we have to materials. Derrick Velazquez was born in 1982 in Lodi, California. He lives and works in Denver, Colorado.

image: Anibal Catalan, THE SPACE, 2014


BMoCA at Macky
Gayle Crites: One Thing Leads to Another

April 3 – June 1, 2014

In One Thing Leads to Another, Gayle Crites has conjoined the ancient and present. Her mixed media works utilize materials from indigenous cultures personally collected over the past seven years. Crites has painstakingly flattened, stretched, dyed, and bordered Amate paper from Mexico, tapa bark from Tonga, and siapo bark from Samoa. She then paints on these “canvases” with saturated washes. Crites further embellishes these works with intricate and delicately wrought fine line drawings and calligraphic marks applied with Japanese brushes and Sumi inks. The encoded meanings in her works encompass universal symbols. Infinity signs, broken circles and knotted ropes reflect the fragility of our interconnectedness amidst tangled and disjointed circumstances.

In her artwork, Crites uses culturally laden organic materials extant for thousands of years, and now facing potential obsolescence, in order to highlight the necessity for conscious inquiry. She conveys the message that we must recognize consequences of our disregard, protect our limited natural resources, and interact responsibly with nature and culture to maintain equilibrium. Through her work, Crites asserts that only enhanced global awareness and heightened individual compassion will allow our planet to thrive.

Gayle Crites was born in Denver and currently lives in Golden, Colorado. Formerly a representational and plein air painter and teacher, she has exhibited nationally and internationally. She is represented by Chiaroscuro Gallery in Santa Fe and Goodwin Fine Art in Denver.

Guest curated by Joan Markowitz








The Flood Project: Rising Above & Restoring Boulder Through Art

The Flood Project is a series of temporary public art projects commissioned by BMoCA and the City of Boulder as a catalyst for community healing after the 2013 Colorado Floods.

Launched in October 2013, The Flood Project will continue through 2014.

The selected artists and their projects are:
1. Rescued Memories by Viviane Le Courtois 
2. Still Waters Run Deep: Recipes, Stories, and Songs by the bARTer Collective and YouTunes
3. Nature:Nature by Berger & Föhr

Starting in October and continuing through December, the artists will invite community members to participate in the creation of their public works of art. On December 10, 2013, there will be a public opening reception at BMoCA. As the project is evolving and constantly growing, continue to visit this page for updates about events and programming associated with the project that will continue through November 2014.

Partnership between BMoCA & The City of Boulder

BMoCA and the City of Boulder have partnered in this special public arts project as a way to actively respond to the devastation of the 2013 Colorado Floods. As the Boulder community begins the long process of healing and rebuilding after the catastrophic floods, residents must turn to multiple sources for revitalization and strength. Art, creativity, and visual expression represent important avenues for community renewal, grieving, and healing.

BMoCA and the City of Boulder have identified the following goals for The Flood Project:

- Facilitate the community’s recovery from the 2013 Colorado Floods
- Thank the first responders, city agencies, volunteers, and residents who played a role during the response
- Honor those affected by the flood
- Commemorate the historical significance of the floods


The Flood Project: Rising Above & Restoring Boulder Through Art is sponsored by:



Additional support provided by:

City of Boulder Arts and Cultural Services
City of Boulder Public Works
City of Boulder Downtown/University Hill/Parking Management
City of Boulder Human Relations Commission
City of Boulder Community Planning & Sustainability
Audrey and Andy Franklin

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