janet feder, andrew pask, and darwin grosse

Friday, July 13


Janet Feder is most widely known for pioneering composition for prepared guitar(s). Until recently the chair of the Music Department at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, she has toured both solo and with her duo cowhause (with Colin Bricker, live electronics) across the US and internationally. Considered to be one of the most innovative guitarists worldwide today, Janet Feder has performed and collaborated with other legends of modern music including Fred Frith, Elliot Sharp, Nels Cline, and Bill Frisell.

Andrew Pask is a musician who plays clarinets and saxophones. He uses computers a lot in his music making. He performs every now and then in and around Los Angeles, where he resides. During the day Pask works for Cycling ’74, a company which makes computer software for people like himself. He is also one half of 20 Objects LLC, a company which does many musically related things, like write software for other musicians and composers, do musical production, and manufacture parts for analog modular synthesizers.

Darwin Grosse works at the intersection of Creativity and Code. By applying an engineer’s tools to live performance, he builds complex visual textures and sonic landscapes out of whole cloth. In addition to his active live media performance work, Darwin is part of the Cycling ’74 software development team, is a member of the University of Denver adjunct faculty, is an active music producer.

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